Date and Time:
Saturday the 14th of January, 2017
6 PM to 10 PM

Team Touché Fencing Center
11468 Sorrento Valley Rd.
Suite A-1
San Diego, California 92121

🎫On-line ticket sales have closed, but you can buy tickets at the door of the event🎫
At-the-door sales on the day of the event are $15 for adults and $8 for children.
Adults tickets are for ages 17 and up. Children are ages 4 through 16.

Tea Duelling

Steampunk Nerf™ Gun Dueling

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Madame Askew is a tea aficionado, time traveler, and Tiffin Mistress, who has had a lifelong obsession with tea and fashion, and will be the center of the tea duelling escapades.

Tea duelling has a long and impressive history. The gist of the event is to dunk your biscuit (a “cookie” for you Americans) into your piping hot tea, and hold it up before eating it. Last person to eat the biscuit cleanly is the winner! See the rules here.

Madame Askew will be bringing her entourage from Tucson, Arizona, and we welcome her participation in the new Duel at Dusk format.

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Bob Mogg, the Iron Taylor, is your dueling specialist and referee. Here is the Iron Taylor's description of the event:

For the gentleman (or lady), disputes of honor are settled in the time-honored fashion of dueling. As the challenger has the choice of arms, the aggrieved party must be prepared to defend themself with any weapon. Swords and teapots are already covered, so we will also give you the chance to show your skill with pistols. Steampunk pistols.

You may bring along your favorite NERF gun, with the restrictions that it must fire standard NERF projectiles, and you will be restricted to the number of rounds that you may use. A variety of NERF weapons will also be available at the event.

In order to compete in this challenge, you must demonstrate the minimum skills, in order to safeguard bystanders. There will be a shooting gallery set up, and you will fire at assigned targets, to demonstrate your skills. The highest scoring individuals will be allowed to compete in a series of one-on-one duels, to determine who is the champion!

Compliment Duelling

Sword Dueling

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Madame Askew is doing double-duty as the official of the most ancient and noble art of Compliment Duelling!

Compliment Duelling is the art of exchanging compliments with your worthy opponent, without repetition. A second may support the combatant to some degree. See the full set of rules here.
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Your host, David Drake, will be offering demonstrations of Olympic-style foil fencing to round out the field!

Cheer on your favorite fencers as we prepare for the final bout between our champions!

Vendors for Duel at Dusk 2017

Exhibition Epee Bout:
Chief Inspector Erasmus Drake vs Dude Vader!

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Dude Vader has challenged the Chief Inspector to an exhibition epee bout! Who will be victorious? The sword-wielding lawman or the Jedi gone bad?

The bout will be fenced using honest-to-goodness epee rules and…as always…may the best man win!

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